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I like to solve problems. And I'll learn anything necesssary to do so. My medium is life.

Jennifer, this means: I don’t know

Metadata: Poem 30 (27) Version 1

Prompt: Peace in a violent world


Jennifer, this means: I don’t know

peace is ignorance
the body is fragile
and so easily cultured to
enact violence against itself,
nevermind other men

forget about the fingerprint
you have on the world
curious hands rubbing the planet
remember all the rights you’ve
acheived, and the wrongs
nevermind other men

spend some money on peace,
and miraculously you will find it.
spend some money on anything
you deserve it
nevermind other men

After a long day, I retire
I, sat on my couch
I huddled in one corner
I curled up on some cot
I fall asleep, I stop breathing
never minding other me

2 days ago
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More snowflake screenshots

2 days ago
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Screenshots from the processing assignment #3 done for Computational Art course on Coursera 2014. Sketch on OpenProcessing here: 

2 days ago
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Poem (30) Version 1

Prompt: Sapphos enjambment,

Version 1

You’re right, I carry the blame

Leaving the moment swollen

I let you take your fill. For replacing all of my thinking

Originally, it was not thus

But the game is arranged,

Not to unite us in the day nor

all night long together, I am aware

, But to meander us in the web of evil doing

Separate in the search for an end to draught

Turning back to see only other

And now held aloft by debtor minds

. But for allowing for this, we could have been blessed ones

3 months ago
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My friends are weird and lovely. Why don’t I see them all the time? (You know why. This is why.)
Having a Coke With You - Frank O’Hara
11 months ago
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Newer pictures of me

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Presentation on Approaching Work. Done for Learn to Learn course on Coursera 2014.

2 days ago
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Playing with image manip for Assignment 7 of Computational Art on Coursera.

Playing with image manip for Assignment 7 of Computational Art on Coursera.

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Working with image manip in gimp again.

Working with image manip in gimp again.

11 months ago
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(12) Version 1(?)

I had a patient
He was quite
vain, anxious, fidgety, if you will,
and very busy.

The day to day general
practice became a little
listless, boring, under-stimulating, and
I wanted to try an experiment.

As a good patient,
he came regularly,
always alone,
and followed instructions.

We went into surgery.
Under the skin
his chin, those high cheekbones,
rough rubber implants.

In the cheeks, a handful of marbles.
The nose, the hands,
the dermis,
also received additions.

He departed healthy
and returned quite harried.
Apparently something was crawling under his skin
and there were shadows and monsters in his mirrors.

We continued on but,
my mother became sick,
and I was called upon to move the clinic.
So, I suppose, I left him a little undone?

poem imitating style Mark Strand

*****I lost the other drafts of this poem!

11 months ago
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